On this page, please find resources and websites should you have to deal with bereavement with family members.

Do's and Don't's

7 - 11 year olds

Dying matters

Talking to children about dying

Leaflet for Under 7s

There are a huge range of books, websites and information pamphlets available about bereavement. A few of the most popular and recent books are given below. Please forllow the link for the wider range.

Water Bugs and Dragonflies - Explaining Death to Young Children - Doris Stickney 2004

Badgers Parting Gifts - Susan Varley -

Always and Forever - Debi Gliori and Alan Durant - 2013

Are You Sad Little Bear? - Rachel Rivett

I Miss You - Pat Thomas

No Matter What- Debi Gliori -

Frog and the Birdsong - Max Velthuijus - 2015

Michael Rosen's Sad Book - Michael Rosen 2011

Key Stage 1 Remembering Book


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