As mentioned, coming to Ashley Hill School means being part of a team. We expect all children to look smart and feel part of the school by wearing their uniform with pride. School uniform is designed to enable children to feel part of the school community and to be practical for a wide range of school activities.

At school, we expect all children to wear:

* Grey trousers or skirt.

* Red jumper or cardigan.

* White polo shirt.

* White or grey socks / tights.

* Black shoes.

* In summer a red/white gingham dress or tailored plain grey shorts may be worn.

For PE and other sporting activities, children should wear shorts, pumps or trainers (indoor & non-marking soles) and a T-shirt (in their House colour). During the colder months, children will need a tracksuit top or jumper for outdoor activities.

At Ashley Hill we are blessed to have extensive grounds and we want to use the space available to use as much as possible. In most weather conditions, children will be invited to play on the grassed areas at the rear of the school. Our Reception and Year 1 children will be given all-in-one rain suits to wear if required but all other children are expected to bring in suitable clothing if they are planning on going on the grass. Wellies are essential and can be stored in school.

A coat is also essential during the colder months whilst a sun hat/cap is useful in the summer, and we recommend that you teach your child to apply suitable sun-block.

Swimming is an important part of the Manx curriculum - Key Stage 2 children will have weekly sessions between September and April. We expect the children to wear fitted swimming shorts (it is DEC policy to prohibit children wearing baggy shorts from taking part in swimming sessions). Girls must wear a one-piece swimming costume and all children with longer hair (which covers eyes when wet) must wear a swim cap.

It would help us enormously if all items mentioned were labelled with your child’s name.

Items including jumpers, cardigans, fleeces, T-shirts in House colours, swimming hats, PE bags and reading folders can be ordered online at https://www.mapac.com/education/parents/uniform/ashleyhillprimarychoolim3, although reading folders are also available from the school office.

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